Thank you for choosing Vandercook Lake Middle/High School for your child's education!

The new student enrollment forms are the forms you will need to enroll your student in Vandercook Lake Middle/High School.  If you are requesting school of choice for your child please fill that form our first and turn it in before you fill out any other registration forms.

All students that enroll in Vandercook Lake Middle/High School will receive a student planner that contains a Student/Parent Handbook.

Enrollment Form: 
Print.  Please fill out both sides completely, sign and date.
Request for Records:  Print. Fill out, sign and date.
Technology Use Agreement:  Must be signed by student and parent.
School of Choice Form:  Use this form if you are requesting a school of choice spot.  Please fill this form out first and return to the Middle/High School office to start the approval process.  Upon approval the rest of the forms can be filled out and turned into the school.
Free and Reduced Lunch Form:  Must be filled out completely according to instructions.  Please allow up to 10 days to process form.  It is recommended you send a lunch or money with your child until you receive notice.
Bus Form:  Only required if your student will ride the bus at any given time.
Student Vehicle Registration Form:  Must be filled out if your student will drive to school.
Prescription Medication Form:  (Includes Inhalers) This form is for prescription medication, it must be signed by a parent and the child's doctor.  If your child uses an inhaler at school you must have a form on file at the school.  If your child carries the inhaler with him/her your doctor must note that they are able to carry it with them on the medication form.
Over-the-Counter Medication Form:  You are able to keep certain medication in the office.  Must be brought in by a parent in the original container.

**If you are not sure if you will be school of choice or live in district this website is a great tool.  Go to: you can enter either your home address or the school district.  Note:  When entering your address it will list all schools on the left you are close to including the one you live in.  Look at the boundries on the map to find the district you live in.

Bring all completed form to the Middle/High School office located:
1000 Golf Ave, Jackson 49203

  • Your child's Original Certified Birth Certificate (with Seal)
  • Proof of Residence, if in district.  ( A utility bill or a copy of your lease or mortgage and driver's license.)
  • Immunization records, if coming from outside of Michigan.  (Immunizations can be obtained online if Michigan resident)
  • Copy of Transcript from previous school.  If transferring mid year also bring current grades and schedule from previous school.

Message from the Michigan Department of Community Health
New communicable Disease Rules start with the 2010-2011 School Year

Beginning January 1, 2010  Required for all children entering kindergarten, all 6th grade students, and all children changing school districts:
  • Two Doses of Varicella (Var) vaccine or history of Chicken Pox disease.
Required for all children 11-18 years of age who are changing school districts or who are enrolled in 6th grade:
  • One dose of meningococcal (MCV4 or MPSV4) vaccine
  • One dose of tetnus/diphtheria/acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine (if 5 years have passed since last does of tetnum/diptheria vaccine - DTap, Td or DT)

Special Education Services and Student Assistant Teams


Vandercook Lake Public Schools provides learning opportunities for eligible students with special education needs through a continuum of services and programs. If staff members or parents suspect a student to be in need of special education services, a referral should be made to the Student Assistance Team (S.A.T.) The S.A.T. may recommend a special education evaluation or they may develop a general education intervention plan to address the needs of the student. Once a student is formally evaluated, an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) team meeting is held. Determination of special education programs and services is made at the I.E.P.T. Special Education programs and services for Vandercook Lake Public Schools are operated and administered through the local buildings and in out-of-district facilities in collaboration with the Jackson County Intermediate School District.

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