• At Vandercook Lake Public Schools we encourage parents, students and staff to engage in positive conversation.  As administrators we try to foresee as many ramifications of policy as possible, however, sometimes decisions are made that have unintended consequences or inadvertently impact others.  Our suggestions survey helps us to identify areas where we can improve the decision making process.  In short, we can't fix it if we don't know it's broken.
    So feel free to tell us your thoughts.  Be sure to include all of the information needed for us to get a clear and precise picture of how we can improve.  Include your name, any student(s) name and the name of any staff member relative to your concern.
    We do ask that you log in as user of our website in order to fill out our survey.  Any submitted surveys without credible contact information included will not receive a response.
    Thank you,
    VCL Administration