Words and Music written by Donna (Sattler) Treece (class of 1947)

Adopted as school song in 1956

Give a cheer for Vandercook
It's the best school in the land
Hail to the colors red and white
For them we take our stand
Fight, team, fight, on to victory
With our teams so bold and strong
Bringing fame unto our school today
as we sing this song - Fight !!!

The School song was written by Donna (Sattler) Treece who graduated from Vandy in 1947. During her senior year at Michigan State College (Later to be Michigan State University) she took a summer band-arranging class. In this class one of her assignments was to compose a school song, complete with music and words and then arrange it for band. She completed this assignment and received a good grade on the accomplishment. Donna graduated from MSU and became a music teacher at Vandercook Lake. She taught Elementary music and English at the then k-12 building at McDevitt School. One day while talking to her friend Bette Ettig (The Vandercook Schools Band director) she mentioned the school song she had written while at MSU. Mrs. Ettig suggested she bring it to school and they would adapt it for high school band. After they had copied all the parts for the various instruments the band played it and apparently loved it very much. The band decided to use it for their school song.

Original words of line 6 were "our men so bold and strong" has recently been changed to "our teams" to reflect the presence of both boys and girls teams. Mrs. Treece still lives in the Jackson area and supplied the above information. (Source-Phil Garrison -2/29/2004)