Melissa Stormont

Melissa Stormont , about 2 hours ago

MS/HS Students (7-12): Dress up for Halloween on Friday (10/29) for $1 (to go to the Prom fund). No masks or weapons. Costumes must be school/dress code appropriate. -OR- Wear your Michigan/Michigan State gear (free) to support your favorite team to win on Saturday!

Mary Berlin

Mary Berlin , about 5 hours ago

For Red Ribbon Week Activity, students had to find posters with facts about the dangers of drug use throughout the building.

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Melissa Stormont

Melissa Stormont , 3 days ago

MS/HS video update for the week of Oct. 25th:

Melissa Stormont

Melissa Stormont , 5 days ago

Vandy for the win! Go Jayhawks!

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Erik Jacobson

Erik Jacobson , 6 days ago

Chemistry students created a pH indicator from Red cabbage, then used it to test common liquids to determine if they were acids or bases.

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